Change Mailing Address on Title

The mailing address on your title filed through BC Land Title & Survey (LTSA) is where information about your property is sent, such as assessments from BC Assessment, and property tax notices from your municipality.

If you need to change your mailing address on title, visit the LTSA website: Change Mailing Address on Title

Before you begin

It is free to file a change of mailing address on title. There is no registration fee, and the service fee for online submission has been waived.

Make sure you have the following before you begin the online application.

  • Parcel identifier (PID): You can find the PID by searching the property’s address on BC Assessment. It is also shown in the “Property Location & Description” section of your Property Assessment Notice.
  • Names of all owners requesting the mailing address change, exactly as listed on title: If the owner names on the application do not match what is on title, it can delay the processing of your application. Order a copy of the title for a fee.
  • BC Services Card app for online submission: LTSA uses the BC Services card app to verify the identity of the person applying for the change of mailing address, and to sign the online application. If you don’t have the BC Services Card app on your mobile device, you need to set it up first.
  • Permission if acting on behalf of someone: If you are applying on behalf of a family member, spouse or other person, you are acting as an ‘agent’ and must have the permission of that person. As a safeguard, owners may be notified  by LTSA of applications made on their behalf by an agent.

Once filled out, you can submit the application online, or download and submit by mail or in person by appointment.