BC Home Owner Grant

The Province of B.C.'s Home Owner Grant program reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence.The grant must be applied for every year.

How to Claim your Home Owner Grant


As per the January 5, 2021 news release by the Province of BC all Home Owner Grants have to be submittted directly through the Province of BC, to learn more please visit the Province of B.C.'s Home Owner Grant website. The Home Owner Grant process has changed but the program details and eligibilty have not changed.

Homeowners are reminded to keep their property assessment notice from BC Assessment or property tax notice. Homeowners will need their roll and jurisdiction number from their notice to apply for the Home Owner Grant with the Province.

The grant amounts for 2021 for homeowners located in the City of Courtenay are:

  • up to $770; and
  • up to $1,045 for homes in northern or rural areas where the homeowner is 65 years or older, or the homeowner is a person with a disability.

Even if you are not making a tax payment, you should still claim the Home Owner Grant.

Forgot to Claim Last Year’s Grant?

If you missed claiming your grant, you have one year to apply for it retroactively. For application instructions, including a list of original documentation that you must provide, please visit the Province of BC website.