Cougar Sighting - Courtenay Riverway near 29th Street

January 4, 2017

The BC Conservation Officer Service received a report from the public of a cougar sighting on Wednesday, January 4 at approximately 11:20 am. The cougar was spotted on the shoreline near the end of 29th Street, between the Courtenay Riverway walkway and the estuary. Please be aware of your surroundings in the area and keep all pets on-leash. To report a cougar posing an immediate threat or danger to public safety, contact the COS Call Centre 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP).

For guidelines on what to do if you encounter a cougar, visit

Here are a few guidelines from the above link:

  • Stay calm and keep the cougar in view, pick up children immediately. Children frighten easily and the noise and movements they make could provoke an attack. Back away slowly, ensuring that the animal has a clear avenue of escape
  • Make yourself look as large as possible and keep the cougar in front of you at all times. Never run or turn your back on a cougar, sudden movement may provoke an attack
  • If a cougar shows interest or follows you, respond aggressively, maintain eye contact with the cougar, show your teeth and make loud noise. Arm yourself with rocks or sticks as weapons
  • If a cougar attacks, fight back, convince the cougar you are a threat and not prey, use anything you can as a weapon.  Focus your attack on the cougar's face and eyes. Use rocks, sticks, bear spray or personal belongings as weapons. You are trying to convince the cougar that you are a threat, and are not prey.