Courtenay Rolling Out 5th Street Bridge Traffic Webcams

May 21, 2021

A new tool will soon help you plan your commute while the 5th Street Bridge is being repaired. The City of Courtenay is installing webcams at both ends of the bridge to show current traffic conditions.

Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells says the webcams will help drivers anticipate traffic impacts and plan accordingly. “We know there have been big changes to traffic patterns on both sides of the 5th Street Bridge and we’re really grateful at how well commuters have adapted to these changes so far,” said Wells. “As a result, wait times at the 5th Street Bridge have been less than anticipated as many commuters detour via the Condensory Bridge, 17th Street, or other routes. These live webcams will show traffic heading to the bridge on both Anderton Avenue and 5th Street in real time.”

The Anderton Avenue webcam is now live, and shows vehicle traffic and possible wait times on the west side of the bridge (downtown side).

Barring any unexpected technical issues, a second camera is expected to be installed the week of May 25 showing vehicle traffic and possible wait times at 5th Street (Lewis Park side).

Access the live streams:

Mayor Wells encourages the community to shop local during the 5th Street Bridge Project. “Please support our downtown businesses, and keep local dollars in our community,” said Wells. “Downtown Courtenay is the commercial and cultural heart of our city, and these small business owners are often the first to donate to community causes and events. Shopping local will maintain this vibrant and unique place we know and love. We hope these webcams will provide one more tool for commuters to use when planning their trip to downtown.”

The new traffic patterns on both sides of the bridge are temporary, and are intended to maximize traffic flow and provide space for priority vehicles and all other traffic waiting to cross the bridge. Once work on the bridge is completed in October, the previous traffic patterns and lane markings will be restored.

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