Commercial Toilet Rebate

Commercial property owners who replace old, water guzzling toilets in their buildings built prior to December 15, 2006 are eligible for a $100 rebate to install a high-efficiency (4.8 Litre flush) or Dual Flush CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved toilets.

Rebates are also available to replace old 5.7 Litre flush urinals (or greater) with high efficiency 1.9 Litre urinals.

The rebate program only applies to City of Courtenay commercial property owners connected to the Comox Valley Water System.

Completed applications, along with receipts dated June 1, 2010 or later, should be dropped off at City Hall.

  • Only high efficiency (4.8 Litre) and Dual Flush toilets or 1.9 Litre flush urinals are eligible
  • There is no limit on the number of toilets per installation address eligible for the rebate
  • Please Note: A limited number of rebates are available for the program. Rebates are only available to registered owners of commercial properties in the City of Courtenay connected to the Comox Valley Water System. This excludes properties on private wells and those parts of the Sandwick Waterworks and Royston Water Local Service Area within the City of Courtenay

Why are we offering this program?

  • Toilet rebates will help our community reach our target of reducing overall water consumption by 27 percent by 2014
  • Lower water consumption will help keep future infrastructure costs down
  • Water is essential to our quality of life. Impacts of climate change, our growing population and booming economy means that we need a different approach to water management
  • Water plays a huge role in shaping our communities. By living water smart, we can save water, energy, fuel, and money. By working with, rather than against nature, we become more resilient to climate change and provide a higher quality of life. 

Did you know?

  • Flushing the toilet accounts for approximately 30% of indoor water use.
  • Replacing a 13 litre (L) toilet with a dual flush (usually three and six L) or high-efficiency (4.8 L) toilet would reduce indoor water use by approximately 18 percent. Homes with older 20 L flush toilets would experience even larger reductions.

Interested in residential toilet rebates?

This program is offered by the Comox Valley Regional District