Sign Permits

The City of Courtenay regulates the number, size, type, form, appearance and location of signs, with a sign bylaw tailored to various zones in the community.

The sign bylaw enables businesses and community organizations to clearly identify themselves and their products or services. Ideally, signs should enhance the appearance and visual character of the community.

The sign bylaw also considers the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Signs must be properly located, minimize distraction, and avoid interfering with traffic control devices.

General Information:

Signs That Require a Permit Listed by Location:

Not sure of the zoning of your property? Use the Interactive Zoning Map

How to make a Sign Permit Application

Please note: Incomplete Applications will be returned to the applicant. Payment is required at the time of application and can be made in the form of cash, cheque or debit (we are unable to take credit card payments).

Sign Permit Fees

  • Awning/Canopy/Fascia/Projecting Signs $45.00
  • Freestanding Signs over 2.5 m in height - $100.00
  • Freestanding Signs under 2.5 m in height - $45.00
  • Portable Signs - $10.00