The City of Courtenay provides an unlimited bi-weekly curbside blue box pickup for each single/duplex residential household within city boundaries. Courtenay also offers a Toter program for multi-family and apartment buildings.

Please ensure all materials are at the curbside by 8:00 am on your collection day.

For a complete list of acceptable curbside recyclable materials, as well as information on what is accepted at recycling depots please visit

For even more recycling information, visit the Recycling Council of British Columbia's Recyclepedia

What about Glass, Styrofoam, and Soft Plastics?

Glass, Styrofoam and soft plastics are accepted at recycling depots only. Please do not place these items in your curbside blue bins. For more information visit 

What is Recycle BC?

Recycle BC (formerly MMBC) is a non-profit organization working on behalf of businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents. Recycle BC is now responsible for residential recycling programs in many areas across BC, either directly or by working with local governments, First Nations, private companies and not-for profit organizations.

This means that curbside recycling pickup is now funded through industry rather than by City of Courtenay taxpayers, effective May 19, 2014. Recycle BC provides incentive funding to the city which offsets the cost of residential recycling services in Courtenay. This includes residential blue boxes and the multi-family Toter program.