Citizen Budget Survey

For the fifth budget year in a row, the City of Courtenay is reaching out to the public to gather feedback on the annual budget. 

The 2018 Citizen Budget is now open!


This year’s online budget consultation will focus on the services supported by general municipal property taxes and utility user fees for the City’s water and sewer services. City Council and staff will use the results of this survey to help guide the budget planning process for 2018 and beyond. Survey deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2017. 

Spending categories include Police Services, Fire Services, Recreation, Arts and Culture, Parks and Playgrounds, Transportation Services, as well as questions about general taxes and water and sewer infrastructure. Respondents can also provide input on the city’s strategic priorities, and their overall satisfaction with the value of the services they receive for their tax dollars.

Here's How You Get Started:

Go to

Step 1: If you are a homeowner, you may choose to enter your home’s assessment - you can find this by using your property’s current property tax assessment value as noted on your property tax notice. You may also use the average property assessed value of $301,500. The sliders in each section will adjust based on the property assessment value you enter. You do not need to be a homeowner to participate in the Citizen Budget process!

Step 2: Move the sliders to either increase or decrease spending in each service or program. You can leave the slider as is if you're fine with current service levels. As you move the sliders, your property tax dollar amount will change in real time to show you the impact of your funding choices on your individual tax bill.

Step 3: Fill out the demographics questionnaire and hit Submit. You will be brought to your own dedicated results page, where you can compare your choices with the rest of the population.

Step 4: Share on social media!

In addition to gathering feedback, Citizen Budget is an educational tool. It demonstrates the balance required for funding choices between what the community wants and needs versus what we can afford.

Tell us your priorities, and have your say in the comment boxes provided.