Secondary Suites

What is a secondary suite?

A secondary suite is a separate living area contained within a single family dwelling and functions as a self-contained living unit.

Can I have a secondary suite in my home?

The City of Courtenay Zoning Bylaw regulates the zones (locations within the City) that allow secondary suites.

Not all properties in the City of Courtenay are zoned to allow for secondary suites.  The zoning bylaw regulations are in place to protect neighbourhoods from potential negative impacts that unregulated suites may cause, such as parking congestion, noise, and unsightly premises.

Do I need a building permit to put a secondary suite in my home?

A building permit [PDF - 116 KB] must be applied for and approved  by a City of Courtenay Building Official for a secondary suite prior to installation. The purpose of the building permit is to ensure that the health and safety requirements have been met.

What if I purchased a home with an illegal suite (unauthorized suite)?

If you have purchased a home with an illegal suite, application must be made to ensure that the suite meets building code for safety compliance and zoning requirements. The suite should not be rented out until an approved building permit has been finalized with the City of Courtenay.

What if my property is not zoned to allow for a secondary suite?

Application for a Zoning Amendment can be made though the Planning Division. Contact Planning Division staff for a consultation.

How do I decommission a suite?

Application can be made to decommission the suite should the home owner not wish to continue using the suite as a dwelling unit.

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