Hazardous Materials

As of 2011, WorkSafeBC requires a Hazardous Materials Survey be completed for any buildings built prior to 1990 that are undergoing demolition, renovation or additions.  The results of this survey must be completed and submitted prior to a building inspector performing any inspections related to a building permit. 

Hazardous materials include asbestos, lead, the contents in above-ground and underground storage tanks, PCBs, mercury, formaldehyde, and abandoned chemicals.  All hazardous materials must be identified, removed and recycled or disposed of prior to any work being done in accordance with all relevant regulations. The survey to identify these materials must be completed by a qualified person, as defined in WorkSafeBC Guideline 6.6-3.

Note if hazardous materials are present, then the removal process must be completed first, complying with all regulations and legislation. Please keep copies of all documents on the worksite at all times. 

All employers under the Workers Compensation Act are required to protect their workers from exposure to hazardous materials in the workplace.