Sign Permits

The City of Courtenay regulates the number, size, type, form, appearance and location of signs, with a sign bylaw tailored to various zones in the community.

The sign bylaw enables businesses and community organizations to clearly identify themselves and their products or services. Ideally, signs should enhance the appearance and visual character of the community.

The sign bylaw also considers the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Signs must be properly located, minimize distraction, and avoid interfering with traffic control devices.

General Information:

Signs That Require a Permit Listed by Location:

Not sure of the zoning of your property? Use the Interactive Zoning Map

How to make a Sign Permit Application

Please note, it is the applicants responsiblity to ensure their proposal meets the sign bylaw regulations and that the application form has been filled out completely and all required submissions have been included. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant without further review by staff.

Step 1

Identify the area the where the land you wish to install a sign is located using the Interactive Zoning Map and then review the handout from the section above in the "Signs that Require a Permit Listed by Location" section. The handout will inform you of the maximum sign allowances and list out the type of signs permitted. Ensure that your proposal meets the sign bylaw quidelines prior to applying. Information on sign illumination regulations and definitions within the listed by location handouts can be found in the sign bylaw located above as well as information on prohibited signs and signs that do not require a permit, but must still meet the bylaw regulations.

Step 2

Read the Sign Permit Application and Guidelines below and ensure you have completed the required sections on the form prior to submitting and that the required application details on the required submissions have been completed as required on the form. City Hall is currently closed to the public so all applications and submissions can be forwarded in pdf form to paper copies are not required at this time (subject to change in the future)

Please note: Incomplete Applications will be returned to the applicant. Payment is required prior to the issuance of the sign permit, staff will advise of payment options and fee required (we are unable to take credit card payments).

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed by planning staff and an invoice will be forwarded by email should the application submissions meet the requirements above and you can then remit the invoice with your payment  (cheques can be mailed to City Hall or dropped off in the secure drop box at the front entrance of City Hall).

Step 4

When your application has been reviewed and processed a pdf of your permit will be forwarded by email with a copy of your receipt

Sign Permit Fees

  • Awning/Canopy/Fascia/Projecting Signs $45.00
  • Freestanding Signs over 2.5 m in height - $100.00
  • Freestanding Signs under 2.5 m in height - $45.00
  • Portable Signs - $10.00


Community Event Signs

Please forward your Community Event Sign applications and inquiries to the Public Works Department

1000 Piercy Avenue, 250-338-1525, Email to

Community event sign are signs advertising a community event which is carried on by a not-for-profit organization for the betterment of the community.

Community event signs located on public property require written permission from the City prior to installation and must meet the requirements contained within the application guide below.

Community  event  signs  on  private  property  do not require a sign permit or approval from the City provided  the  sign  is installed no earlier than 30 days before the date of the community event and is removed no later than 7 days after the event is held. Community event signs which are fascia, freestanding, banner or portable signs shall not exceed 3.0 m2  (32.3 sq. ft.) in area or 2.0 m (6.56 ft.) in height. Projected image signs and inflatable devices may be permitted at the discretion of the Director of Development Services.