2023 Downtown Courtenay BIA Bylaw Renewal

Update: Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Area Bylaw No. 3105 has received the consent of property owners. View the full results here: Bylaw 3051 – Property Owner Consent Results [PDF - 46 KB]

What is the Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Area?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a defined commercial area where local businesses and property owners work together on a business promotion scheme. This may include area branding, marketing, beautification, physical improvements such as benches, heritage conservation, promotional events, and advocacy on behalf of the business community. BIA operations are primarily funded through a tax levy on all commercial properties within its boundaries. 100% of the levy collected goes to the BIA to fund its programs.

The Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association (DCBIA) has asked the City to renew the existing BIA. The proposed bylaw would:

  • Renew the existing BIA
  • Increase the maximum funding (tax levy)
  • Have a term of 10 years (2024-2033)

See the boundaries of the area below. This is not proposed to change from the current BIA area.

Term and Cost of the Service:

The maximum term of the service is 10 years, from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2033. The estimated maximum costs are:

2024: $120,000
2025: $130,000
2026: $145,000
2027: $160,000
2028: $175,000
2029: $185,000
2030: $195,000
2031: $205,000
2032: $215,000
2033: $225,000

Cost recovery:

To fund the service, the City will impose an annual property value tax on Class 6 (Business and Other) land, improvements, or both if present, in the Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Area. The tax levy will fully fund the service. Only Class 6 commercial properties within the Service area will pay this tax. This will not impose any additional taxes on residential properties or other classes of properties in the City of Courtenay.

Property Owner Consent:

Council may adopt “Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Area Bylaw No. 3105, 2023” unless at least 50% of the property owners that would be subject to the tax, and representing at least 50% of the assessed value of land and improvements that would be subject to the tax, submit forms opposing the bylaw. There are 106 parcels within the Area. Therefore, the number of forms that indicates the bylaw does not have property owner assent is 53 (if this represents at least 50% of the property value of properties that would be subject to the tax). If the bylaw receives property owner consent, Council intends to consider adoption of the bylaw at the November 22, 2023 Council meeting.

Who can participate:

Property owners who own Class 6 (Business and Other) property within the area and would be subject to the tax can participate.

If you OPPOSE the bylaw (only property owners within the Area):

If you own property within the area and oppose the bylaw, complete the Property Owner Response Form and return it to Courtenay City Hall. See below for link. Forms have been mailed to property owners and are available at Courtenay City Hall. Deadline for submission is Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 4:00 pm.

Forms may be submitted in person to City Hall, by mail (830 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay BC, V9N 2J7) or by email (election@courtenay.ca). Forms must be received by November 15, 2023 at 4:00 pm. The postmark will not be accepted as the submission date.

If you SUPPORT the bylaw:

If you support the bylaw, no action is required. 


  • June 28 – The DCBIA presented their request to Council
  • September 13 – Council reviewed an updated DCBIA request and provided direction to staff to proceed as requested
  • September 27 – Council scheduled to consider first three readings of Bylaw 3105
  • September 28 – Mail notices to property owners
  • October 4 and 11 – Notice in Comox Valley Record newspaper
  • November 15 at 4pm – Deadline for forms to be received by the City of Courtenay
  • November 17 – Results will be available by end of day (may be available earlier depending on number of forms received)
  • November 22 – Council considers the results. If the bylaw has received property owner approval, Council may consider adopting the bylaw.

Additional information:


For further information please contact:

Adriana Proton
Corporate Officer

Adam Langenmaier
Director of Finance