Urban Agriculture

In 2021, Courtenay City Council adopted new Urban Agriculture Bylaws for produce sale stands, beekeeping, and raising chickens on single residential lots in the City of Courtenay.

Courtenay has aligned these new regulations with the Comox Valley Regional District and Village of Cumberland to ensure regional consistency.

Detailed urban agriculture regulations are included in Division 6 Part 18 of the City of Courtenay Zoning Bylaw [PDF - 40 MB]

Produce Sale Stands

  • Courtenay residents may grow fruits and vegetables, flowers, native and ornamental plants, edible berries and food perennials for beautification, education, recreation, community use, personal consumption, sales of produce grown on the lot or donation of vegetables, fruits, edible flowers and berries. 
  • Produce sale stands may display and sell urban agriculture products grown on the property where the stand is located (honey and egg sales not permitted)
  • Sales permitted between 7 a.m and 7 p.m. daily
  • The urban agriculture activity must not generate excess odour, waste, noise, smoke, glare, fire hazard, visual impact, or any other hazard or nuisance


  • Minimum lot width 15 metres, minimum lot size 550 square metres
  • Hives located at least 5 metres from all property lines
  • Hives must be registered with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
  • Maximum two (2) hives per lot
  • Honey for personal consumption only


  • Courtenay residents may raise up to six (6) hens in single residential lots
  • Chicken coops are only allowed in backyards
  • Roosters are not allowed
  • You can’t sell eggs or chicken manure
  • Anyone raising hens must ensure the chicken coops and runs are properly maintained and kept clean

Anyone wishing to raise chickens should consider the hen’s full lifespan. Chickens cannot be slaughtered at home. Make sure you consider vet and medical costs when deciding whether raising hens is right for you.


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