Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Services

Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Services ensures capital renewal, environmental planning and asset management of public infrastructure systems such as water, wastewater, drainage, flood protection structures and transportation services.

Staff provide technical support and project management oversight for larger civic infrastructure capital projects and are committed to the provision of safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible services to our citizens that meet current professional standards and best practices.

Staff also provide technical support and planning services for environmental works such as rainwater and flood management, and climate action.

The Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Services group is also responsible for leading the Asset Management program for the City.

For information relating to the operation and maintenance of City utilities, including emergency water shut-offs, pothole repairs and street light outages please refer to the Operational Services Department.

For information relating to the servicing of private property, please refer to the Subdivision & Development Servicing Division of the Development Services Department.

For complaints and inquiries regarding on-street parking, please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 250-334-4441 or email

For information relating to land title records, such as property boundaries, easements, statutory right-of-ways and covenants, please contact BC Land Titles & Survey.