Bylaw Enforcement

Municipal bylaws help support the general enjoyment of our community by defining basic standards for maintenance and activities within the City’s legal authority that can have an impact on others.

In Courtenay, bylaw enforcement is complaint-based, with Bylaw Enforcement Officers responding to a wide range of questions and concerns from residents and businesses.

Their goal is achieving voluntary compliance wherever possible through education. If voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, enforcement measures may include tickets or court proceedings, at the discretion of Bylaw Enforcement Officers and the City of Courtenay.

If you have questions about bylaw enforcement in the City of Courtenay, or wish to report a potential bylaw violation, please call City Hall at 250-334-4441, email

Please provide your name, full address, the address of property or location you are reporting and the nature of your inquiry. The City of Courtenay will not respond to anonymous complaints.