Frequently Asked Questions by Candidates

The following questions have been posted to the City of Courtenay election office. This page will be updated as needed to ensure all candidates have access to the information. 


  1. Can candidates be scrutineers?

  2. Do you have a printable map with addresses?

    Yes, both interactive and printable maps are available on our Maps page.

  3. Can candidates park their vehicles in City Hall parking lot if they have election advertising on the vehicle?

    Yes; while you are permitted to park at City Hall, you must still follow the rules of the parking lot. Please do not park in fleet, staff, or reserved parking spaces, respect time limits, and be mindful that City Hall parking is intended for the use of individuals accessing City Hall for services and for some patrons shopping in the downtown core. 

    The Local Government Act prohibits election advertising within 100m of a building “where voting proceedings are being conducted at the time.” As electors are not completing their ballots at City Hall, signage on vehicles would be subject to any other election signage restrictions. See next question for more details.

  4. What are the rules around election signage?

    From the City of Courtenay Election Bylaw No. 3073: [PDF - 600 KB]

    Political signs related to a municipal or school election or by-election or a municipal referendum or assent vote may be posted no earlier than 45 days before general voting day.

    Political signs related to a federal or provincial election, by-election, referendum, or plebiscite may be posted no earlier than the day on which the election writ is issued.

    Political signs must be removed within 48 hours after the close of voting for the election, byelection or other voting to which they pertain.

    Political signs must not be:
    a) Located within 2 metres of a fire hydrant;
    b) Permitted to become dilapidated or unsightly;
    c) Permitted to interfere with the safety of vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians;
    d) Permitted to obstruct or distract from a traffic control device or traffic sign.

    The Chief Election Officer is authorized to remove, delegate the removal or require the removal of political signs which are in contravention of this Bylaw.

    On advance voting opportunities and on election day, you must remove all your campaign signs that are within 100 metres of the voting places. See maps:

    For regulations on election signs on provincial highway rights-of-way visit 

  5. Can the public wear campaign buttons at Council meetings?

    Yes, the public may wear campaign buttons at Council meetings. The Chair would determine whether specific signage/buttons are contrary to the decorum and democratic atmosphere of the meeting, but there is no policy.

  6. Where can I find rules about campaign financing?

    Elections BC is responsible for overseeing campaign financing for Local Government Elections. 

    For campaign financing information, review the Elections BC Campaign Financing Guide.

    Contact Elections BC if you have any questions about campaign financing.

    There are strict deadlines for filing the reports required. Failure to file by the deadline will result in you being removed from office and being disqualified from running for local government office until after the 2026 Local Government Elections.

  7. When/how do I appoint scrutineers?

    Please complete and submit Form C-6 from your Nomination Package to appoint scrutineers. You may appoint one scrutineer for each ballot box used at a voting place. While you can only have one scrutineer per ballot box per voting place at any one time, you may appoint multiple scrutineers to rotate through the voting place throughout voting day. Please submit this form for each scrutineer to the Chief Election Officer/Deputy Chief Election Officer with your nomination package, or as soon as possible. 

    Candidates are allowed to enter a voting place only to vote. Make sure you remove all “Vote Me” buttons or stickers from your person before entering the voting place.  As soon as you have cast your ballot, you must leave the premises.

  8. When can I be present for the drawing of the names on the ballot?

    Tuesday September 13 at 4 pm: Draw to determine the order of candidates on the ballot will be held at Courtenay City Hall, 830 Cliffe Ave, per s. 117 of the Local Government Act. Candidates or their representatives are invited to be present.

  9. What other times can I be present?

    Thursday October 13 at 2 pm: Mail ballots will be opened and ballots received to date will be processed at Courtenay City Hall. Candidates or their representative may be present.

    Saturday October 15: General voting day. Candidates or their representative may be present for the count at each voting location and at the location where remaining mail ballots will be counted. Please arrive shortly before 8 pm. 

  10. What are the voting days/hours?

    Advance Voting, Wednesday October 5, 2022, 8 am to 8 pm
    Native Sons Hall, 360 Cliffe Avenue

    Advance Voting, Wednesday October 12, 2022, 8 am to 8 pm
    Florence Filberg Centre, 411 Anderton Ave

    General Voting Day, Saturday, October 15, 2022, 8 am to 8 pm
    - Queneesh Elementary School, 2345 Mission Road
    - Florence Filberg Centre, 411 Anderton Ave

    In addition, electors may vote by mail.

  11. How will election results be shared?

    Each voting location will be equipped with an automatic voting machine. The votes will be tabulated there at the close of voting at 8:00 pm on Saturday, October 15. The results will be forwarded to the Chief Election Officer to be collated with votes from all locations, along with the results of mail ballots received.

    You or your representative may be present for the count at the voting location. Arrive just before 8:00 pm and let an election official know who you are. Once the results are collated, the Chief Election Officer will email the preliminary results to all candidates and the results will be posted on the City of Courtenay website.

    The election results for Local Governments and School Districts from around the province will be published on as preliminary results are available.

  12. Are candidates allowed to use the City logo on their campaign material?

    The City does not endorse any candidates and does not permit candidates to use the City logo. 

  13. Do you have to be a resident of Courtenay to run in the local election for Courtenay Mayor or Councillor?

    No, you do not have to be a resident to be a candidate.

  14. Am I required to fill out the Elections BC Canvasser Authorization Form when canvassing?

    No, this form is for the provincial election and is not required for the local election. Canvassers should carry government-issued photo ID and proof of candidacy, or written authorization to canvass on behalf of a candidate. This must be shown upon request when a candidate and/or their canvassers are canvassing in a cooperative, strata or rental property.

    For more information about canvassing and other topics, view the Candidate’s Guide to Local Elections in BC: 

    Candidates_Guide_to_Local_Elections.pdf (