Parkland Disposition Bylaw No. 3050 AAP

Update: Parkland Disposition Bylaw No. 3050 has received the approval of the electors. View the full results here: Bylaw 3050 - AAP Results [PDF - 424 KB].

An Alternative Approval Process (AAP) has launched in Courtenay to gain elector assent for the City of Courtenay to dispose of a 232.6 square metre area of undeveloped parkland behind Harbourview Boulevard in "The Ridge" subdivision.

The disposition would be for the purpose of facilitating strata road access from 3327 Harbourview Boulevard to a proposed 12-lot subdivision at 4070 Fraser Road. Public access would continue across the disposed parcel to the remaining park land.

The parkland in question is valued at $22,983 as determined by an independent property appraisal. If the project proceeds, the parkland would be purchased by the applicant, with the funds allocated to the City’s parkland acquisition reserve fund.

Voter consent: 


Council may adopt “Parkland Disposition Bylaw No. 3050” unless at least 10 per cent (10%) of the electors of the City of Courtenay sign and submit elector response forms to the City by Friday March 24, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

If at least 10 per cent of electors sign and submit elector response forms by the deadline, Council may not adopt the bylaw unless the assent of electors is obtained through a referendum.

The number of eligible Courtenay electors has been determined to be 22,656. Therefore, the number of forms that indicates the bylaw does not have elector assent is 2,266.


If you oppose the bylaw:


If you oppose the bylaw, complete the Elector Response Form and return it to Courtenay City Hall.

Elector Response Forms are also available at Courtenay City Hall, 830 Cliffe Avenue.

Completed forms may be submitted in person at Courtenay City Hall, by mail (City of Courtenay, 830 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, V9N 2J7) or email

Elector response forms must be received by Friday March 24, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.


If you support the bylaw:


If you support the bylawno action is required.


Who can participate in the AAP:


The only persons entitled to submit elector response forms are the electors of the City of Courtenay. See elector response form for eligibility requirements.

Copies of the proposed bylaw and related documents are also available for public inspection at City Hall during regular business hours.

For further information please contact:

Adriana Proton
Corporate Officer

Nancy Gothard
Acting Manager of Development Planning




Proposed Bylaw

Parkland Disposition Bylaw No. 3050 [PDF - 284 KB]


Staff Reports 

January 25, 2023: Parkland Disposition Bylaw No. 3050 (4070 Fraser Road) and AAP Determination of Eligible Voters


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