2018 Election Results

Official Election Results

October 23, 2018

Mayor [PDF - 21 KB]

Councillor [PDF - 22 KB]


Unofficial Election Results

October 20, 2018


Name Number of votes cast  
LONG, Harold 1165  
WELLS, Bob 2950 Elected
JANGULA, Larry 2512  





Name Number of votes cast  
GRANT, Tom 2738  
DAY, Brennan 2338  
MORIN, Wendy 3044 Elected
FRISCH, David 3182 Elected
HILLIAN, Doug 2827 Elected
WINCHESTER, Starr 2154  
MCCOLLUM, Melanie 3213 Elected
MARLOW, Penny 1325  
SIMKIN, Deana 2095  
KOSKY, Kiyoshi


DZUBA, Darwin 436  
THEOS, Manno 3149 Elected
LIN, Jin 2626  
MURAKAMI, Judi 1559  
PRESLEY, J. Murray 2316  
COLE-HAMILTON, Will 3556 Elected

Non-Binding Opinion Question

Are you in favour of conducting a study, in partnership with the Province of BC, to review the governance structures and policies of the City of Courtenay and other local governments within the Comox Valley to consider the feasibility and implications of restructure? YES or NO

YES 4,734
NO 1,494