Community Drug Strategy

The Community Drug Strategy Committee works toward educating the Comox Valley about the dangers of substance use and the importance of making safe and healthy choices. The Committee was founded in 2002 with the support of Courtenay Council.

Comox Valley Drug and Alcohol Services Directory

In May 2012 the Community Drug Strategy Committee released an updated Comox Valley Drug and Alcohol Services Directory. This manual is

Comox Valley Drug and Alcohol Services Directory [PDF - 756 KB

Committee Activities and Programs

The Committee hosts annual presentations for Comox Valley students and the public during National Addictions Awareness Week. Recent guest speakers have included:

  • Katy Hutchison, whose husband was murdered on New Years Eve 1997 while trying to stop a party (2007)
  • Odd Squad, Vancouver police officers who made the film "Through the Blue Lens" (2008)
  • Dr. Gabor Maté,  author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghost: Close Encounters with Addiction (2009)
  • Clara Locey, who used her own experiences to discuss the dangers of drug use (2010)
  • Matt Bellace, motivational speaker who discussed staying drug and alcohol free and learning about natural highs (2011)
  • Keith Pattinson, who spoke about the 40 Development Assets to help our youth succeed (2012)

Since 2008, the Committee has offered funding to local schools and community organizations to create prevention activities. As of 2013/2014, 44 schools and organizations have received a total of $24 725 from the Committee.  In 2012, the Committee began offering two Smart Choice Awards of $500 each to graduating students in the Comox Valley to go towards post-secondary education.  The purpose of the Awards is to support and celebrate students who have remained drug and alcohol free throughout their high school years. 

For immediate assistance with substance abuse issues, emotional crisis or you simply need support, please contact the Vancouver Island Crisis Line at 1-888-494-3888 or visit