Fuel Storage Tanks

Underground fuel storage tanks are a concern to the environment, as they can potentially contaminate soil and groundwater.

While there are no current records on locations of underground fuel storage tanks in the City of Courtenay, there are clues to determine whether or not an abandoned or unused underground tank may be located on your property.

Signs you may have an underground fuel storage tank:

  • Bald patch of grass where no vegetation will grow
  • Depression in the soil near your home
  • Vent or filler pipes protuding from the ground or coming out of the side of your home
  • Abandoned oil piping or fuel lines in your home

To be certain, you may wish to have your property inspected by an environmental professional to identify any heating oil tanks and to minimize the risk of leaks or spills.

If a tank is found, it is recommended that you retain a qualified contractor to assist with the removal of the tank.

Why should underground fuel storage tanks be removed?

If a tank on your property leaks oil, you could be liable for damages to the environment. A fuel tank on your property, leaking or not, could also cause issues if you decide to sell your property, as well as potentially lower your property value, increase your liability, and limit your insurance coverage.

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