Green Shores

The City of Courtenay is using the "Green Shores" method to repair shoreline erosion.

Repairs and site restoration were completed in two locations in south Courtenay in 2016:

  • Riverway Walkway near 29th Street
  • Sandpiper Drive

July 12, 2016 media release: Shoreline Repairs Planned for South Courtenay

With this technique, beach slopes are re-contoured to a more stable slope, and larger logs are embedded half-way into beach substrates and connected to an underground anchor system using wire rope and ballast boulders. These logs help reduce wave energy and retain sediments as waves recede. The retained sediment provides opportunities for vegetation to establish and can provide spawning habitat for forage fish.

The Green Shores technique is also designed to mitigate wave energy, protect or enhance ecological function, and avoid causing erosion on neighbouring properties.

To learn more about Green Shores, visit the Stewardship Centre for BC website.

"Green Shores" Technique Example Photos