Tree Bylaw

Tree Protection and Management Bylaw No. 2850 [PDF - 425 KB] regulates the removal of trees on private property. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the Frequently Asked Questions to determine whether, and how, the bylaw may apply to your property.

Please note: Tree removal in environmentally sensitive areas, such as riparian areas, always requires a Tree Cutting Permit and also may require an Environmental Development Permit [PDF - 334 KB] (DPA-4-Environmental)

Tree Cutting Permit Fees:

Tree cutting permit - general: $100.00

Tree cutting permit - Property over 4000m²: $500.00

Tree Replacement Bond: $300.00 per tree

Tree Protection Security Bond: $1000.00 per tree

Hazordous Tree cutting permit: $0.00




If you have questions about the Tree Protection and Management Bylaw and how it may apply to you, please consult the reference material above or contact City of Courtenay planning staff at or 250-703-4839.