Urban Forest Strategy

Thank you to everyone who participated in the summer-long urban forest strategy consultation in 2018. A draft plan will be available for public viewing early in 2019, at which time the cover photo winner of the $200 gift card to a local nursery will be announced.


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The goals of the Urban Forest Strategy are to:

  • establish baseline information about Courtenay’s urban forest
  • develop a community-informed vision
  • identify strategies and actions to achieve the vision

An Urban Forest Strategy is a planning tool that identifies opportunities and challenges for trees and forest stands on public and private land. The City’s strategy is expected to set a canopy cover target for the community as a whole, and for specific areas and land uses. The canopy cover target will inform which areas should be a priority for tree protection, and in which areas replanting would be beneficial.

Communities around the province are adopting urban forest strategies to address environmental protection, stormwater management, climate change, habitat protection, and liveability. Courtenay City Council directed staff to develop an Urban Forest Strategy after the adoption of a new Tree Bylaw last spring.

The City has engaged the services of Diamond Head Consulting, a firm specializing in this type of work. Results of aerial photo analysis and data collection of Courtenay’s urban forest will be shared at the workshops.

The draft strategy is expected to be available for public review in the fall.