FAQs Stage 3 Water Restrictions


  1. How are businesses affected by Stage 3 water restrictions?

    • Nurseries, farms, turf farms and tree farms are exempt from the restrictions.
    • Vehicles and boats may be washed at car dealerships and commercial car washes.
    • Golf courses may water fairways at any time not more than 1 day per week; trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables; and golf greens and tees on any day if failure to do so will result in permanent loss of plant material.
  2. How is the City of Courtenay adjusting water use during Stage 3?

    The City of Courtenay is adjusting our operations to minimize water use during stage 3 water restrictions from Tuesday, September 3 to Friday September 27, 2019. This means:

    • Reducing outdoor irrigation in parks and boulevards; all-weather playing fields will continue to be watered.
    • No hydrant or sewer maintenance other than emergency repairs.

    The Rotary Water Park at Lewis Park is closing for the season on Monday September 2nd.

  3. What water use is allowed during Stage 3 water restrictions?

    • Hand watering of trees, shrubs and vegetables on any day between the hours of 6 am-8 am and 8 pm-10 pm
    • Using a micro-irrigation or drip-irrigation system to water trees, shrubs and vegetables on any day between the hours of 6 am-8 am and 8 pm-10 pm
    • Spot cleaning of vehicles and boats with a sponge and bucket for health and safety reasons (windows, lights, license plates, etc.)
    • Washing of building, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots in preparation for applying a product
    • Water use is permitted for farm and agricultural operations
    • Filling of a wading pool measuring less than 200 centimetres in diameter up to a maximum depth of 30 centimetres.
  4. What water use is prohibited during Stage 3 water restrictions?

    • No watering of lawns or boulevards
    • Filling or topping up of residential or commercial hot tubs, pools, ponds or fountains.
    • Washing of vehicles/boats (unless for health & safety)
    • Washing of buildings/windows (unless for health & safety or preparing a surface to apply a product)
  5. Can I hand water during Stage 3 water restrictions?

    Yes, residents and businesses can hand water trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables on any day between the hours of 6 am-8 am and 8 pm-10 pm using a hand-held container or a hand-held hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle.

  6. How long will we be on Stage 3 water restrictions?

    We will be on Stage 3 water restrictions from September 3 to September 27, 2019. If the penstock maintenance is completed earlier, we will notify users of the Comox Valley water system.

  7. Where can I learn more?

    Visit www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/restrictions  to learn more about water restrictions.

  8. What happens if too much water is still used during the restriction period?

    Compliance with these restrictions is very important to ensure sufficient water supply is available for fire-fighting. Residents and businesses may be fined up to $500 per infraction if found using water contrary to Stage 3 water restrictions.

  9. How can residents and businesses prepare for Stage 3 water restrictions?

    Residents and businesses can prepare in advance of September 3. Residents can complete any water-heavy home maintenance (outdoor cleaning, garden or lawn work, laundry, etc.) in advance of September 3.

  10. Can my business be exempt from the Stage 3 water restrictions, or compensated for losses?

    For outdoor use nurseries, farms, turf farms, tree farms are exempt under Stage 3 water restrictions. For all other businesses the bylaw does not have provisions for exemptions or compensation to those impacted by these water restrictions.

  11. What will change once the water treatment plant is in operation?

    Once the new lake intake and treatment infrastructure is complete in the summer of 2021, these BC Hydro driven watering restrictions will no longer be needed.