The Citys solid waste collection bylaw limits the size, type, quantity, weight, and location of garbage containers put out for curbside collection on collection day.

Maximum Size: 60 cm x 90 cm (24" x 36")

Type: plastic, rubber or galvanized steel

Quantity: one (1) can per premises

Maximum Weight: of a 121 litre (26.6 gallon) can - 20 kg (44 lbs)

Maximum Weight: of a 50 litre garbage can - 16 kg (35 lbs)

Location: back of sidewalk, within reach of the roadway where it does not create a hazard

Updated: 2019-2020 Waste Collection Guide [PDF - 1 MB]
Due to an editing error, the original 2019-2020 Waste Collection Guide displayed incorrect weeks for bi-weekly recycling pickup from December 2019 to May 2020.

What if I have extra garbage?

If you find you are over the one can limit, up to a maximum of four 50 litre (24” x 36”) garbage bags can also be collected by attaching an extra garbage sticker to each bag. 

Stickers are $2.50 each and may be purchased at City Hall, 830 Cliffe Avenue.

What do I do if my garbage is missed?

If your garbage was not picked up and there is no sticker on the receptacle telling you why, please contact City of Courtenay Public Works Services at 250-338-1525 or email   

Things to remember

  • No yard waste or recyclable materials are allowed in your garbage can
  • Construction materials, wood waste, vehicle parts or scrap metal, dead animals, hot ashes, tires, batteries, paints, or special wastes as defined by the bylaw, are not acceptable for curbside collection
  • Garbage must be at the curbside by 8:00am on your collection day, including statutory holidays (except Christmas Day and New Years Day)