Multi-Residential & Commercial Collection

The City no longer provides waste collection services to multi-residential (apartments and condominiums), industrial, commercial and institutional properties. The City's Refuse Materials Collection Bylaw outlines the requirements for these properties to maintain sufficient recepticles to contain all garbage and recycling created by that premise. 

Property owners, managers and/or strata corporations must make arrangements for sufficient waste collection, and removal at properties that are not serviceable through the City's residential curbside collection program. 

Missed Collection

If your collection was missed or you are having problems with your bins please contact your property manager, property owner or waste collection company directly for assistance. 


  • Ensure the property does not become unsightly by the accumulation of discarded materials, rubbish of any kind
  • Meet zoning bylaw requirements for garbage disposal area with regards to screening and setbacks.


The City of Courtenay is available to provide support to property owners, strata corporations, managers and developers regarding the following: 

  • Guidance on the logistics of waste removal servicing in terms of volume and access
  • Provide information on waste diversion
  • Assist with obtaining educational materials for residents
  • Information on recycling resources within the City