Courtenay Releases Strategic Priorities Report

October 28, 2013

Courtenay Council has established the City’s strategic priorities for the final year of the Council term ending in late 2014. The Strategic Priorities Report is available on the City’s website at

Courtenay Chief Administrative Officer David Allen said the document will be used by both Council and staff to help determine how to allocate staff time and resources. “The Strategic Priorities Report will be used as a framework to guide where we need to be focusing our attention,” said Allan. “In local government, we’re constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. This document will help us prioritize our goals and keep them firmly in sight.”

The report was produced following a strategic priorities workshop with Council and senior staff in early September. The workshop was led by Dr. Gord McIntosh of the Local Government Leadership Institute, a specialist in local government strategic facilitation.

Council’s corporate priorities include the proposed affordable housing project on Braidwood Road, resolving the Maple Pool Campground dispute, and analyzing fire service in East Courtenay. Other issues include a “Complete Street” pilot project, and enhancing the downtown core.

The report also outlines priorities for various operational projects happening over the next year, including a new City website, asset and maintenance management, electronic Home Owner Grants, and the completion of the Transportation and Land Use Master Plan.

The Strategic Priorities Report only shows part of the City’s local government services. It does not include the day-to-day legislative requirements and essential services such as water, sewer, policing, fire protection, roads, and bylaw enforcement. The City also provides important ‘quality of life’ services, such as recreation, parks, arts and culture.

“Many of the services we provide are required by law and a significant portion of our time and budget is devoted to these activities,” noted Allen. “Having said that, the Strategic Priorities Report will be used to help us narrow down the many other choices we face, and determine what we can realistically accomplish within our financial and human resources.”