Extreme Weather Protocol Lifted

December 16, 2014

Update Tuesday, December 16: The Comox Valley Extreme Weather Response Team has lifted the Extreme Weather Protocol that has been in place since December 8. Visit www.comoxvalleyewp.com  for the current status and additional shelter information.

What is an Extreme Weather Protocol?

According to the Comox Valley Extreme Weather Response Team, "During times of extreme weather our homeless population have a hard time staying dry and warm. This could be a threat to their overall well being, and they also could be facing a substantial risk to their lives or health. The Extreme Weather Shelter was developed to assist the homeless at times of extreme weather. A committee with representation from many of the helping organizations in the valley has developed an ‘Extreme Weather Response Plan'.  In times of Extreme Weather, an extra 30 shelter beds will be made available through the generosity of Northgate Foursquare Church, who have agreed to provide the actual shelter facility."