"A Walk Through Time" Heritage Display

April 1, 2015

In honour of the City of Courtenay’s centennial year, the Courtenay Heritage Commission has put together a decade-by-decade display with photos, stories, and community history over the past 100 years and beyond. The panels were displayed at the Heritage Faire in Cumberland in February, and will also be on display at various centennial events throughout the year.

The panels are also available on our website:

Thank you to the Heritage Commission volunteers and the Courtenay Museum for their work on these panels. They offer a detailed and interesting chronology of Courtenay’s rich past, and are a true labour of love for our city.  

View the panels to find out the answers to these questions!

  • Why was dynamite used to blow up some downtown buildings in 1916?
  • How did Courtenay’s newly formed Rotary Club help Saskatchewan in 1936?
  • Which local character dazzled locals and tourists with his collection of headgear, including goggled helmets, toques, naval caps, swim caps, dashing fedoras, railway caps, plaid tams – sometimes wearing four at the same time?
  • How did citizens help develop the Civic Square at 5th and Cliffe?


Pictured above: Logger Sports in Lewis Park, 1927 | Image F-08671 courtesy of Royal BC Museum, BC Archives