Courtenay Launches New Subdivision Application Tools

May 6, 2015


Developers and landowners wishing to subdivide property in the City of Courtenay now have access to new tools and information to assist them through the process.

The city has updated the Subdivision Application Form and created a comprehensive Subdivision User Guide as well as a Quick Reference Guide with step-by-step information, frequently asked questions, and additional tips.

David Allen, the city’s chief administrative officer, said the new tools were designed to help developers through the subdivision process. “Our applicants may have a range of subdivision experience, from experienced developers to first-timers,” noted Allen. “No matter their level of familiarity with land development, we believe these tools will help guide them through the process and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.”

The updated subdivision application and guides are available at

The new subdivision application guidelines are part of an overall effort by the city to update development procedures and documentation, including new engineering specifications and standards. This will include consolidating existing practices, updating standards to represent current best practices in the industry, and providing one document that communicates the city’s requirements for capital and land development projects. The draft document is almost complete, and will be circulated to other local municipalities for comment. A presentation to the engineering and development industry is planned for later this spring.

Allen said it was in everyone’s best interests to ensure there was clarity and efficiency in the development process. “Minimizing the amount of time required to process development applications will ensure our staff resources are used more efficiently.

“It will also give the development community a clear understanding of the steps required so they can plan accordingly.”

For more information on the new subdivision standards, contact the City of Courtenay Engineering Department at 250-334-4441 or email .