Joint Public Statement

November 10, 2015

The City of Courtenay and the owners and residents of Maple Pool are pleased to announce that the claim and counterclaim relating to Maple Pool have been settled on mutually agreeable terms. 

While the strict terms of the settlement are confidential, as part of the settlement the owners of Maple Pool have entered into a covenant restricting the use of up to 53 sites at the Maple Pool campsite exclusively for affordable housing.  These sites are located at the highest elevations of the property and away from the most direct path of river flows in a flood event.  The owner and residents are also providing waivers of liability to the City in relation to flood hazards and costs.  The owners have also agreed and covenanted to protect from any further development a 30 metre area for environmental and fish protection along the banks of the Tsolum River and other streams.  Finally, the settlement will allow Maple Pool to operate with 23 lawfully non-conforming seasonal and short term campsites at market rates.

The parties wish to acknowledge the patience, hard work, creative problem solving, and good faith discussions that allowed for this settlement to be reached.