K’ómoks First Nation and City of Courtenay Agreement in Principle

May 25, 2015

The City of Courtenay and the K’ómoks First Nation have reached an Agreement in Principle allowing the city to provide water and sanitary sewer services to K’ómoks First Nation property on Condensory Road. The property is the site of the Puntledge RV Campground. This is a non-binding agreement which sets the stage for entering into a detailed servicing agreement.

Once the servicing agreement is finalized – potentially by the end of 2015 – it would allow the K’ómoks First Nation to expand the campground and consider other economic development opportunities. The K’ómoks First Nation has also expressed interest in building a residential housing complex on Condensory Road  Total development would accommodate up to 500 people.

Mayor Larry Jangula said the city is pleased to be working with the K’ómoks First Nation on the initiative. “We have a strong working relationship with the K’ómoks First Nation, and we support their desire for economic development,” said Jangula. “This is also a mutually beneficial agreement, since the proximity of their land to downtown Courtenay could lead to more economic activity in our downtown core.”

Chief Rob Everson said he was elated about the agreement for the Puntledge Reserve land, and indicated a formal signing ceremony would be taking place. “The collaboration on the Agreement in Principle between the K’omoks first Nation and the City of Courtenay demonstrates that we are ready to move forward with our neighbours. The expansion will build capacity within our Nation and generate an economic benefit for the Comox Valley.

As the City of Courtenay is a participant in the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) water and sewage services, the CVRD was consulted. The Town of Comox was also consulted.

The City of Courtenay typically does not provide municipal services outside of their boundary, and the agreement is not a precedent for providing municipal services to any other rural areas outside the city boundary. The agreement stipulates that the K’ómoks First Nation must restrict development to land uses that are compatible with the surrounding area.

Visit here for a backgrounder [PDF - 94 KB] on the Agreement in Principle between K’ómoks First Nation and City of Courtenay.

For more information please contact the City of Courtenay at 250-334-4441.