Looking for Artists for Community Design Workshop

December 18, 2015

The City of Courtenay is inviting expressions of interest from local artists who would like to participate as illustrators at the Monday, March 7,2016  Downtown Community Design Workshop in Courtenay (location to be determined) from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The Downtown Community Design Workshop will discuss design ideas for Courtenay’s Downtown.

The role of the artists will be to listen to the conversation around a table and record their ideas (at least 3 to 6 ideas per table) in “pictograms” or sketches of landscapes that capture the ideas with labels. Each artist is expected to cover two tables over approximately a two hour period (including discussions and presentations by tables). An honorarium will be provided to each of the selected artists. Their work will be displayed and used as part of assembling Courtenay’s Downtown Plan.

The artists should have the following talents:

  • Be able to draw quickly and label with clear printing
  • Be able to capture ideas in diagrams or quick sketches
  • A background in cartooning would also be helpful especially in drawing social activity ideas, landscape improvements, organization ideas, building ideas etc.

Please submit your interest to Nancy Gothard, Environmental Planner at ngothard@courtenay.ca along with a sample of illustration work by January 18, 2016. The volume of interest will determine the next steps in how a selection is made.