Woodstove Exchange Program

December 11, 2015

Via the Comox Valley Regional District:

Program Summary

Starting early in 2016, approximately 40 $250 rebates will be available on a first-come first-served basis to those residents of the Comox Valley who are exchanging non-CSA certified wood stoves for a new CSAB415 standard wood, pellet or gas heating appliance.

New certified appliances burn 30% less wood, significantly reduce the risk of chimney fires, and reduce smoke and particulate emissions by 70%.

The CVRD will be also be partnering with local retailers and offering Burn It Smart workshops during the program.


This program will be open to homes in all areas of the CVRD, including municipal and rural areas. The wood stove being exchanged must be the primary heating source in the home, and be a non-CSA certified model built prior to November 1, 1994. The old wood stove must be decommissioned and recycled once it is removed (ie not re-used in a workshop or garage).

How to apply

Further details on how to apply will be provided by the CVRD once the program commences in early 2016.