Councillor Lennox Returns to Courtenay Council Table

September 23, 2016

City of Courtenay Councillor Rebecca Lennox has begun a gradual return to her Council duties this month following an absence for medical treatment over the past seven months.

Councillor Lennox extends her thanks to her fellow Council members, City of Courtenay staff, and the community at large for their support during her treatment for colorectal cancer. Lennox was diagnosed in February and had surgery in April. Her cancer treatment is ongoing.

“I’m not quite out of the woods but things are looking better,” said Councillor Lennox. “I am incredibly touched by all the support I have received. The emotional and financial support I’ve received from this community has been amazing – in many cases, from people I don’t even know. 

“I did my best to keep up with Council and City news during my treatment. While I will be taking a step back from social events for now, I am attending Council meetings as my health and treatment permits.”

Mayor Larry Jangula expressed his support to Councillor Lennox on behalf of Council. “We are so pleased to have Councillor Lennox back at the Council table, and most importantly, happy that she is on the road to recovery.”

During Councillor Lennox’s recovery, Councillor Manno Theos will continue to temporarily fill her role as the City of Courtenay representative on the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board of Trustees.