Shoreline Repairs Planned for South Courtenay

July 12, 2016

The City of Courtenay is taking a soft approach on upcoming shoreline repairs in South Courtenay.

Storm damage last winter, including localized flooding and high waves, resulted in shoreline erosion in two separate areas, the Riverway Walkway near 29th Street, as well as at Sandpiper Drive.  Repairs and site restoration will begin this month.

Trevor Kushner, the City of Courtenay’s director of public works services, said the repairs will fit well in the natural landscape. “The repair method we’ll be using is considered a soft technique, also known as ‘Green Shores’,” advised Kushner. “On the surface, it will look like traditional driftwood logs washed up on the beach. Underneath, the logs are connected to an additional support system. Native species will then be planted in the shoreline and backshore to provide further stabilization.”

The technique is designed to mitigate wave energy, and avoid dissipating the energy onto neighbouring properties, as may happen with a rip-rap barrier. It also promotes plant growth behind the structure.   

The city’s environmental consultants have used this approach successfully in other areas in the Comox Valley, including Kitty Coleman Provincial Park.

For more information, please contact City of Courtenay Public Works Services at 250-338-1525.

"Green Shores" Technique Example Photos