Three Trees to be Removed at Lewis Park

March 1, 2016

An independent arborist has recommended the removal of three spruce trees in Lewis Park.

The trees are located near the Tsolum Building and washrooms, and have been monitored by both the arborist and City of Courtenay staff for several years. Although careful measures were taken to help retain these trees, including deep fertilization and structural pruning, the trees have declined in health over the winter, and are now considered at risk for either limb breakage or falling completely.

“We’ve provided extra care and monitoring for these trees over an extended period of time to try and avoid this outcome, but have now been advised that they pose a public safety risk and must be removed,” advised Trevor Kushner, the City of Courtenay’s director of public works services. “This risk is heightened by the popularity of Lewis Park and the number of people that use the park year-round.”

The trees are affected by a spruce park beetle infestation, as well as root and tree butt decay. Added stress occurred during the dry summer of 2015. Woodpeckers have also removed large sections of bark.

Due to the public safety risk, the tree removal will occur in the coming days. For further information, please contact City of Courtenay Parks at 250-338-1525.