Wildfire Close Call on Comox Logging Road

May 11, 2016

Courtenay Fire Department crews responded to a wildland fire on Comox Logging Road on Sunday night, just before 7:00 pm. With the devastating fire losses in Fort McMurray, Alberta in everyone’s minds, this weekend’s fire was a stark reminder of the risks right here in the Comox Valley.

 The fire occurred during a windy period, and was caused by a branch that had crossed the powerlines. The fire quickly grew to approximately 30 by 50 metres, extending approximately 12 to 15 metres up the trees.

Courtenay Fire Department called the Cumberland Fire Department to attend with their tanker to assist with putting out the fire. BC Hydro also attended and removed the branch. 

Courtenay Fire Chief Don Bardonnex says the fire on Comox Logging Road should serve as a warning that these types of fires can affect any community. “We were fortunate that those trees did not candle, otherwise it could have been devastating in the wind. We’re extremely grateful for the assistance from the Cumberland Fire Department to help extinguish this fire before it spread any further.”

Chief Bardonnex also urged residents to use caution in the outdoors and help protect against wildfires by disposing of cigarette butts responsibly, and keeping vehicles and trailers well-maintained to prevent sparks. Even discarded bottles and broken glass can act as magnifying glass, starting fires through reflecting the sun’s rays.  Fines for starting wildfires in B.C. may be levied through the provincial Wildfire Act.

Homeowners can find out more about how to reduce the potential impacts of wildfire through the Province of British Columbia ‘s FireSmart Homeowner's Manual.