5th and Fitzgerald Intersection Traffic Study Complete

October 19, 2017

The “pop-up intersection” installed in April at the corner of 5th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue has now been removed.

The temporary installation was intended to remain in place for up to six months, and was designed to help preview how a proposed new intersection design would affect traffic patterns.

Traffic studies were performed in the area in the spring, summer and fall. Results will be shared in the coming weeks with Courtenay City Council, to be followed by a public information session later this fall.

The intersection changes were part of the planning process for the 5th Street Complete Street Pilot Project.

The project between Fitzgerald and Menzies Avenues will include two vehicle travel lanes, bike lanes physically separated from vehicle traffic at the same elevation as the sidewalk, and parking between Fitzgerald and Harmston Avenues, with alternating parking and raingardens throughout the remainder of the corridor. The project will also include renewal of underground water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure along the corridor.

Construction on the Complete Streets Pilot Project will take place in the 2018 construction season.

The federal government is providing 100 percent of all eligible costs related to the project up to $3.253 million through the Strategic Priorities fund under the Federal Gas Tax Fund.

For more information on the 5th Street Complete Streets Pilot Project, visit www.courtenay.ca/completestreets