Emergency Water Main Breaks in West Courtenay

March 30, 2018

Updated 7:15 pm:

The water main repairs at Arden Road are complete.

Updated 3:45 pm:

The repairs at Woods Avenue are complete and a temporary patch has been applied to the road. Crews have now moved back to the site of the first water main break at Arden Road to complete the repair.

Updated 2:20 pm:

The water main break at Woods Avenue is repaired and crews have begun flushing the lines to clear turbid water from the system.  

Updated 1:40 pm:

We are aware of reports of turbidity in the area around Woods Avenue. You can help by minimizing water use for the next hour or so, to reduce the amount turbid water flowing through the pipes. Once the water main repair is complete, crews will begin flushing the turbid water out of the lines. Thank you for your patience.


Public Works Services crews are dealing with two emergency water main breaks right now in west Courtenay. The first break was in the Arden Road /Copperfield Road area. While crews were dealing with that first water main break, a second, larger water main break occurred on Woods Avenue near 2nd Street. The water is OFF around both work zones.

Crews had to leave the first repair on Arden when the second break occurred, and they are currently working on repairing the larger break on Woods Avenue. As soon as that water main break is repaired they will move back over to Arden Road to complete the repair.

The cause of the water main breaks is unknown at this time. There were no known changes to water pressure in the area. We will provide updates as they become available.