Special Needs Recreation Update

February 16, 2018

Special Needs Recreation for adults, formerly run by the Courtenay Recreational Association (C.R.A.), is undergoing some behind-the-scenes changes with the program now being run by the City of Courtenay.

This change takes place as the Courtenay Recreational Association (C.R.A.) and the City of Courtenay are formalizing roles and taking steps to provide clarity for staff and the public about the distinctiveness of each organization. The C.R.A. will still retain some programs that will benefit from non-profit status.

Services offered by Special Needs Recreation will not change. The same people will provide the same programs and events at the Lewis Centre. What will change is how these programs and services are managed internally. The City will fully assume management and operations for Special Needs Recreation and some re-branding is taking place.

The first step of this re-branding is a new name, Adapted Programs for Adults with Disabilities. The name was chosen as it reflects accurately what the program does through making recreation accessible for everyone. Programs offer activity modifications that assist those with intellectual disabilities to have fun, keep active, be social and learn new skills.

Adapted Programs will continue to offer a wide variety of fitness and fun recreation programs for ages 18+. Programs include Art Cards, Bowling Leagues, Karate, Adapted Sewing, Young Adult Club, themed dances, holiday special events and so much more.

To find out more about Adapted programs at the Lewis Centre visit the Adapted Programs page, drop-by the Lewis Centre or call the Lewis Centre at 250-338-5371.