Upcoming Early Morning Shifts at 5th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue

July 12, 2018

Work to finalize the water main installation at the intersection of 5th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue will continue this weekend, with work scheduled in “off peak” traffic hours. 

Earlier this week, the contractor worked through the night to install critical infrastructure in the 5th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue Intersection.  This work was completed at night to minimize traffic impacts from fully closing the intersection during the day which would negatively affect downtown businesses and the travelling public.

A significant portion of the upgrades are now complete, however there is still a section of pipe to be installed in the 5th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue intersection. Over the next two days, the contractor will be working at “off peak” hours to complete this work.  The intersection will be closed and work will begin early in the morning (starting at 4 a.m.) while most businesses are closed, with the intersection open by 10 am. Crews will work to minimize noise impacts to the surrounding area as much as possible. 

The City appreciates the impacts of construction on the travelling public and surrounding neighbourhood, and crews are working as quickly as possible to complete the work. Updates will continue to be provided as work continues.

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