City Seeking Feedback on Proposed Single Use Plastics Bylaw

April 29, 2019

Do you want to provide feedback on Courtenay’s proposed Single Use Plastics Regulation Bylaw?

The City of Courtenay is considering the bylaw, and an important part of the decision-making process is understanding the practices and preferences of both residents and businesses in Courtenay.

Feedback is invited until May 17 through an online survey located on the Single Use Plastics Regulation webpage. Hard copies of the survey are available at Courtenay City Hall.

Single use plastics generally refer to plastic products that are considered disposable and only used once before they are recycled or more commonly thrown away. The proposed bylaw would prevent businesses from offering single-use plastic bags and plastic straws within Courtenay. If implemented, the new regulations would likely be phased in over time to give both businesses and consumers time to adjust.

“We are actively looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact,” says Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells. “This proposed bylaw would help lower the plastics entering our landfill, our recycling stream, and ecosystems, including the sensitive marine environment we are so lucky to have at our doorstep.”

A number of municipalities on Vancouver Island have either finalized or are in the process of instituting bylaws, aimed at reducing the impact of single use items.

For more information call Courtenay City Hall at 250-334-4441.