Courtenay Council Seeking OCP Advisory Committee Members

September 5, 2019

The City of Courtenay’s Official Community Plan (OCP) will soon be undergoing its most significant update in almost 15 years. To ensure this important document reflects Courtenay residents’ current expectations for future planning and land use management, the City is seeking community members interested in participating in an OCP Advisory Committee. 

The OCP is a tool for Council and citizens to establish a community vision and manage change in accordance with that vision. The last significant update for this document was in 2005. The upcoming review is expected to carry the community forward over the next 20 years. Council has directed that the updated OCP consider climate change mitigation and adaptation at all stages of its development.

The project is expected to continue over approximately 16 months beginning this fall, with a goal for Council to consider the plan for adoption by early 2021. Broad public consultation will form an important part of the process, with opportunities beginning in early 2020.

In addition to overall community engagement, the technical OCP Advisory Committee will review and make recommendations on a range of policy topics including: Land use, growth management, design of the built environment, protection of the natural environment, climate change, transportation and mobility, economic development, infrastructure, and housing needs. The City is seeking advisory committee members who can provide technical guidance at key project milestones on long-term planning principles, policy development, and ideas for partnership.

Information on the OCP update including the Terms of Reference and how to apply for the OCP Advisory Committee is available at: Applications will be accepted until October 6, 2019.

“The City routinely works with a range of organizations who represent the various voices of the community and we look forward to working with individuals and organizations on this dynamic committee,” said Ian Buck, Director of Development Services. “However, being part of an existing organization is not required. Anyone who has expertise to offer in advancing a wide range of community solutions is encouraged to put their name forward to sit on the OCP Advisory Committee.

“While this committee will be limited to twelve members, there will be plenty of other opportunities to get involved,” added Buck.

Successful candidates will be officially appointed by Council. The first OCP Advisory Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 1. Subsequent meetings will be established by mutual agreement.