Courtenay’s Ambassadors Back for the Summer

May 21, 2019

Courtenay’s neighbourhood Ambassadors are back for another summer, visiting households in the city to share helpful information about recycling, water conservation and more. Watch for them in the coming months in the community and in your neighbourhood.

Kyle Shaw, the City of Courtenay’s Manager of Transportation & Utilities, says the seasonal Ambassador Program was a hit with residents when it launched last year.

“Our Ambassadors focused on water conservation last year, and feedback from residents was very positive. This year the Ambassadors will be doing outreach on some of our other City services as well.

"There’s such a wide variety of resources available for residents, but they may not always know what’s available, or where to find the information. Our friendly Ambassadors can help bridge that gap and answer questions and share valuable tips and tricks for a range of city services.”

Like last year, the Ambassadors will be sharing information about water restrictions and water conservation tips for residents wanting to be “water wise” on their property. Find out more about water use at

New in 2019, the Ambassadors will be providing information on curbside recycling, and showcasing the benefits of the city’s new “Courtenay Collects” curbside waste collection app. Try it for yourself at  The goal is to reduce the amount of materials that end up in the landfill and divert as many materials as possible through recycling, while keeping non-recyclable contaminants out of the blue bins.  

The Ambassadors will also be educating residents on the need to keep “unflushables” out of the sewage system, such as wipes, dental floss, and medications. These materials can cause a range of problems in the sewage network and the environment, and can lead to costly damage to public sewage infrastructure.  Learn more at

For more information, call City of Courtenay Public Works Services at 250-338-1525 or email