City Installing Aqua Dam in Lewis Park as a Precautionary Flood Control Measure

November 16, 2020

BC Hydro has advised of a forecasted approaching storm system early this week potentially coinciding with ocean king tides, storm surge, and a higher freezing level.

As a precaution, Courtenay Public Works Services will once again be deploying the Aqua Dam portable water-filled flood barrier in Lewis Park. Installation will begin on Monday afternoon, November 16, 2020.

No traffic impacts are expected, although some parking will be affected at the Lewis Centre main parking lot to make room for crews and equipment.

A decision on whether or not to deploy a second Aqua Dam on Comox Road between the Old Island Highway and the Highway 19A Bypass would be made in conjunction with other agencies once additional storm and flood forecasts are available.

Other flood control measures in place include a Tall Wall, installed permanently in 2016 on the Old Island Highway between Ryan Road and Headquarters Road, as well as new one-way check valves in storm drains in the Puntledge Business District to prevent backflow during flood events.

These flood control measures have been developed over the past several years, and are geared at maintaining important transportation links as long as possible and mitigating flooding in low-lying areas.

No matter where you live in the city, you can help reduce the potential for flooding in your neighbourhood. Please periodically check and clear the grates over catch basins near your property to remove any leaves or debris.

To report problems, please contact Public Works at 250-338-1525 (after-hours emergency 250-334-2947) or email