Courtenay Reminds Residents of Fireworks Bylaws

October 21, 2020

The City of Courtenay is reminding residents to have a fun and safe Halloween. In Courtenay, that means no fireworks within city limits.

“We receive questions and complaints about fireworks every year, especially around Halloween,” said Mayor Bob Wells. “To be clear, with some rare exceptions, fireworks are not allowed in the City of Courtenay at any time of the year. They can cause fires, serious burns, and eye injuries, and are also traumatic for many domestic pets and wildlife.

“Please help reduce demands on our emergency responders and ensure that your Halloween activities are keeping you safe and following the rules – and this year make sure you’re staying safe from COVID as well.”

Anyone caught selling or discharging fireworks in Courtenay could face a $100 fine, as outlined in the Fire Protective Services Bylaw.

For those residing outside the City of Courtenay, but within one of Courtenay’s Fire Protection Districts, fireworks are regulated by the Comox Valley Regional District. Please visit for more information on permits, sales, and current fines within electoral areas.