Curbside Collection Delays August 16 - 20

August 16, 2021

Our curbside collection contractor Emterra is reporting ongoing delays with curbside collection.

Collection priority this week will be garbage.

Zone 1, 2 and 3 Update: Yard waste will not be collected in Zone 1 (Monday), Zone 2 (Tuesday) and Zone 3 (Wednesday) this week. Missed yard waste will be picked up on your next scheduled collection day.

Zone 4 Update:  For Thursday's pickup, please put out garbage and recycling. Yard waste will not be picked up.

Any missed recycling from Thursday's collection (Zone 4) will not be picked up this week. Please remove these materials from the curb.

Zone 5 Update: For Friday's pickup, please put out garbage. Recycling and yard waste will not be picked up.

Multifamily Toter Collection Update:
  • Recycling in all zones have been picked up.

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