New Temporary Traffic Signals, Single-Lane Alternating Traffic 24/7 at 5th Street Bridge Starting Saturday

May 7, 2021

Single lane alternating traffic on the 5th Street Bridge will be in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week starting Saturday morning.

The contractor is installing temporary traffic signals to manage traffic at both ends of the bridge on Saturday, May 8. The new traffic pattern will remain in place until October.

Please anticipate delays for traffic control during installation. 

The sidewalk on the north side of the bridge (Lewis Park) remains temporarily closed at this time. People who are walking, or walking their bikes across, must use the south-side pedestrian walkway until further notice.

Once the traffic signals and scaffolding are fully installed, the bridge will be wrapped in a heavy plastic to protect the surrounding ­­­environment during paint removal.

The bridge is an active construction site and we appreciate your patience as crews mobilize for bridge repairs, while keeping the bridge open to people who walk, bike and drive. Brief intermittent periods of full closure may still be required at times.

Please plan for extra time when crossing the bridge or consider an alternate route to downtown.

Commuters are encouraged to pay close attention to new line painting and signs highlighting changes to traffic patterns in the area and to plan extra time if using the 5th Street crossing.

A reminder that Downtown Courtenay is open for business during the 5th Street Bridge Project. Please support our community’s local merchants.

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