Curbside Collection Changes Coming for Courtenay

August 17, 2022

Over the next two years, changes are coming to the residential curbside collection service in Courtenay. These changes are aimed to increase the overall diversion of waste in our region, with a focus on organic waste diversion. Curbside organic services will start in 2023, followed by an automated collection services in 2024. These service changes support the policy objectives of the BC Climate Action Charter and are part of the City’s commitment to adapt and address climate change.

The City of Courtenay and Town of Comox have awarded a contract to Halton Environmental (operating as Emterra Environmental) to provide three-stream automated curbside collection through a 10 year contact, starting January 1, 2024.

For Courtenay, the new contract includes weekly collection of co-mingled organics (kitchen scraps and yard waste) and a change to biweekly garbage collection. Biweekly recycling collection will continue. Wheeled carts will be provided to each household for collection within the automated system. Watch for the upcoming cart selection survey!

Starting in 2023:
• Courtenay will be implementing an interim residential curbside organics collection service starting in 2023. More details regarding this new service will be released this fall.

Starting in January 2024:
• Co-Mingled Organics (kitchen scraps and yard waste) will be collected weekly. Items like meat and dairy type products will be included in this collection service.
• Garbage will be collected biweekly.
• Recycling will continue to be collected biweekly.

Stay up to date! Sign up for service alerts via the Courtenay Collects app on our recycling & garbage page - click to get reminders, or download the Courtenay Collects app in the Apple Store or Google Play.

For more information, contact Public Works Services at 250-338-1525 or